Friday, May 21, 2010


Oceans are a large deep place with water.The Pacific Ocean is the biggest. Sea grass grows on the bottom of the Ocean. Oceans can be found all over the world. Ocean crabs have hard shells. Kelp is a plant with long leaves and fish can hide in it.
Many kinds of animals can live in the Ocean. Many animals don't have backbone. Fish breathe with gills. Octopous has no shell or skeleton. Ocean mammals breathe with lungs. Ocean birds have lots of fat to keep them warm in the night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Habitat- Forests

A forest is a large area with many trees in warm or cold places. Plants and animals depend on each other. Plants need animals to spread thier seeds around. And animals need plants for food. There are three different kinds of forests: they are the Rainforest, Coniferous, Deciduous. Each one has different types of trees. The rainforest has tall broad-leafed trees. Evergreen trees can be found in the Coniferous forest. In the Deciduous forest trees loose there leaves and grow them back.


The polar regions are the North and South polers.We call the pole the Arctic and the South pole the Antarctica. The weather in the poles is windy,snowy,and frezzing cold. In the summer some ice mellts and flowers grow.Animals living in the arctic are insects,arctic hare,and polar bears.
Penguins and some other animals live in the Antartica.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Habitat - Grasslansds

A grassland is a wide area with grass. The land may be flat or have rolling hills.

Types of grasslands:

1. Savanna-a hot grassland in Africa.

2. Pampa - a cold dry grasslands of South America.

3. Prairie-grasslands found in North America where tall grasses use to grow, now the land is being farmed.

Some animals:elepents,rabits,zebras and...grasshopers

Some plants:pale pasqueflowers,golden pea,prairie violets,pink shooting stars.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Habitat - Desert

A desert is very dry because it gets very little rain. It even may not get rain in a whole year. Plants and animals in a desert must be able to survive without much water. Plants survive the heat by storing water in stems and branches. Animals survive the heat by resting in shady spots,going underground and some are even covered with hard scales. Some animals - elf owl,bob cat,jack rabit,deer. Some plants - wild flowers,shrubs,cactuses,trees.

Habitat - Ponds

Ponds are filled with fresh water. Fresh water is not salty. Animals that live in the pond need plants for oxygen,food,hiding places and laying eggs. Some animals:frog,duck,catfish. Some plants:duckweed,cattail,water lily.