Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first fairy tale

Please click on the picture to see it bigger and to be able to read.


kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Hi Teju
Nice Pic..Nice Fairy tale...
Keep painting & writing and compete with Daddy :)

vaishnavi said...

Hi Teju,

That was an awesome pic. Welcome to the world of blogging and keep blogging.

Priya said...

Hi Teju Mai,
Good Job.
Nice picture and nice story. I will show this to Ammu.

Anandhi said...

Teju Dear,
The 2 picture you have drawn explains the whole story clearly. The first picture shows that the frog is a lady with the hair and again the picture says she is the princess by wearing the crown.

The next picture shows……..
The princess frog has turned into princess and have joined her prince. The description you wrote explains that the prince kisses the frog and the frog changed into the princess.

The beauty here is that the picture is drawn in a way to explain this whole story and it is portrayed in just two pictures. Wow! that is wonderful.

I appreciate this effort.

And above all I should appreciate Kumar for bringing her talent out and making her express it out. You are a very good DAD.
I felt this piece of art is fabulous effort by Teju.

Teju I am waiting for you next work.


Anonymous said...

Dear Teju Mai

Nice drawing and fairy tale. Mamakku angun jukku kheni sanguno. Mama loves Mai :-)

Kishore Mama

Tejasvini Malli said...

Thanks KRS mama.

Tejasvini Malli said...

Thanks Vaishnavi aunty.

Tejasvini Malli said...

Thanks Priya aunty. what did ammu say?

Tejasvini Malli said...

Thanks Anandhi aunty. I liked your long comment. my dad thinks I am tired but I am not tired reading your comment. I changed prince frog into princess frog in this story.

Tejasvini Malli said...

Thanks kishore mama. how are you doing? how is kushalram babu doing?

Anuradha said...

Wow kutty such a cute story, mammi really loved the story and the pictures, good work mai :)