Saturday, May 1, 2010

Habitat - Desert

A desert is very dry because it gets very little rain. It even may not get rain in a whole year. Plants and animals in a desert must be able to survive without much water. Plants survive the heat by storing water in stems and branches. Animals survive the heat by resting in shady spots,going underground and some are even covered with hard scales. Some animals - elf owl,bob cat,jack rabit,deer. Some plants - wild flowers,shrubs,cactuses,trees.


kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Nice pictures of trees in the desert! That green and brown makes it appealing!
You missed one big and famous animal of the desert! Guess, what is it? :)

Tejasvini Malli said...

I think it is Camal. Correct or not?

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Yes, Itz Camel, You are right!
Camel is called Ship of the Desert!