Saturday, May 1, 2010

Habitat - Ponds

Ponds are filled with fresh water. Fresh water is not salty. Animals that live in the pond need plants for oxygen,food,hiding places and laying eggs. Some animals:frog,duck,catfish. Some plants:duckweed,cattail,water lily.


kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Picture of water lily is awesome!

Teju - I have a question! You said frog! Does frog live in the pond (like fish) or just outside the pond?

Tejasvini Malli said...

Outside the pond.

why are sleeping on grass in your picture?

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Frogs live, both, in the pond & outside the pond! Thatz why they are called "Amphibians"!
They can swim in the pond, stay there, and also hop on the plants outside the pond.

Ha ha ha!
I am not sleeping on the grass! I am just posing :)
I love to stretch out on natural places like grass beds and mountains and look up the blue sky!